Feb 5th – Scouting trip into Guadalajara

Well today we had a great ride into Guadalaraja and north on Highway 54 to Moyahua de Estrada and a secondary connector road to Highway 23 which we took back into Guadalaraja.  This was a Scope out ride to check riding times and road conditionns for the Hub and Spoke tour John and Lynn and doing twice later this year.

We got into Guadalaraja early to avoid the Sunday traffic and headed into the old city (take a look at the gallery for the pictures), after a great coffee and a bit of wondering around the City we headed north on the bikes.  Only a few minutes out of the City the view was spectatular and the roads were some of the best we have ever been on…smooth and twisty…and full of bikers.  Lunch at Los Burritos, the local biker hangout….then back on the bikes for another 3 hours of wonderful riding!  Wow heaven!!

Starting City: Ajijic

Ending City: Ajijic

Exciting stops today: Guadalaraja and the Old City, Los Burritos

 Total KM: 650


Arriving in Ajijic, Mexico

Wow 3:00 comes early….especially when there is a lot to remember…did I pack all the bike gear; helmets, boots, pants, riding jacket….what about riding glasses, ear plugs and my favorite riding shirt….the one that says “You’ve just been passed by a girl”….It counters the “If you can read this the bitch fell off”.  haha

Don’t forget all the cameras we take to make the awesome riding videos Mike has perfected….2 still cameras, the 2 GoPro cameras, the external hard drive to hold all the raw footage, spare fittings to mount the cameras anywhere and everywhere, spare batteries and miles of cables to charge everything.

Oh and of course the clothes you need when you are off the bike, can’t forget those…..3 check in bags, 2 carry-ons and a bunch of plastic bags….and we are ready to fly…well at least get everything loaded into the Limo…so I don’t think I slept much last night.

The great thing about flying at 6:30 in the morning is the empty roads at 4:00 on the drive to the airport…wow I wish commuting could be like that!

We had a great flight into Dallas Fort Worth…DFW…this must be said with the “W” pronounced like the George Bush “W’ of course….a beautiful, massive modern airport, then off again on another great flight into Guadalajara….landing only a few minutes late after a slow boarding.

Passing through customs is always an interesting thing…guards, lots of official people and guard dogs…..haha..We both got sniffed out really well by a drug dog….a fat golden…who was interested in my crotch..and so interested in Mike that he sat down beside him….SHIT that’s bad right??  So the guard comes over and wants to know what’s in the bad….well plastic tool holders, Mike’s sweater…and nothing else….there was a bananna in there at one time but we ate it before the border…fruit is a BAD thing to bring in to any country….so the guard is ok with Mike telling him there was a bananna in the bag as the drug dog is a fat hungry dog…..not a trim drug dog.  whew…

We had a great dinner and an early night…I think we have been up since the beginning of time….good night!

Starting City: Toronto, Ontario

Ending City: Ajijic, Mexico

Exciting stops today: Dallas, Texas


Our Very Own Web Site

Well here goes…..One Giant Leap for Mike and Michele…..we have graduated from our old blog site to this new slick BELLISTIC web site!

As with the old blog, we are going to use this page to post ramblings and pictures of our adventure travel on motorcycles.  But unlike our existing blog this web site will have our trip movies and trailers too.  Mike has been perfecting his movie making and needs a place to properly manage them, so that’s a huge bonus of our own web site.

Mike and I want to thank Groundhog Media for helping us launch this web site…we could not have done this without you…Thanks Rich!!

Stay tuned for lots more info to be added to our site…as I figure out how to work this site..

Michele and Mike