Tuesday Feb 14th – Day 7

Happy Valentines Day – it’s Carnival Day too!!

Some of the best roads of the trip today…and some of the best entertainment too….with the Childrens Carnival Parade, the police / military presence and the show in the square across from the hotel.

Lots of very large beers tonight…..

Monday Feb 13th – Day 6

Great to be back on the bikes again and riding…first it was getting out of Puebla but that wasn’t so bad….the traffic was light.

Our first landscape was dry and desert like with Joshua trees and cacti looking things everywhere…at times it looked like interior BC!  Then it got more and more lush and we started going up into a pass….spectacular!!!…very small farming communities perched on the side of the mountains with every square inch of ground that they could get to planted. We slowed right down to take it all in…not easy to do…there is so much to see.

The roads were pavement and concrete at the start, but quickly became tougher to ride with potholes and water.  We eventually hit an all dirt section that gave us a hint of just how difficult an all dirt trip would be…..actually the problem would be the time as the dirt slowed us down a lot.

We are now in a 5 star resort hotel one day away from the Atlantic ocean!!

Saturday Feb 11th – Day 4

On the road for 9:00 after another all you can eat breakfast buffet..boy this place is dangerous for packing on the pounds when you love the food….fresh fruit and juices, and of course the traditional Mexican food….

Once through a bit a traffic in the city we passed through a “blast furnace” as Mike called it…..very long and dark tunnel.  Both Mike and I run black helmet shields so it’s trying to decide when to do the flip up…. Once through the tunnel the temperature dropped like a rock to around 23 degrees and would eventually hit 18… still great riding!

Our first few hours were on the toll highway, which was very different to what we have been travelling on to date…wide open and smooth with few cars and no trucks. Aron and Cotton almost took out a huge tarantula in the middle of the road, which I did not see…which is a good thing, as I probably would have crashed from terror!!!

Once off the toll road we travelled through secondary roads which were great until we got to the pothole section…then it passing cars watching for the usual kids, dogs and a cows while avoiding bike eating potholes.  It was not as bad as it sounds and was a great ride.

We did pass a lot of cows, goats and cowboys and my favorite….working burros on the roads loaded under huge loads of palm fronds, logs and anything else that could be strapped on.  At one point we were stopped on the highway with the bikes shut off as two transports were blocking the road completely…one had slid into the inside ditch and the other was kind of jack-knifed around it.  The drivers got one of the cabs unhooked which allowed us to get around, otherwise we would have been there for hours.

Tonight it’s showers, wine and Thai food in the City of Puebla….and we can sleep in tomorrow as we have a full day here to explore!


Sunday Feb 12th – Day 5

No riding today….which is good as we need to sleep in and get some rest….it’s carnival weekend here and the music, fireworks and voices kept a lot of us awake all night.

Today we walked into the central square to take in some of the festivities…there are different groups performing and people all over the place.  We decided that a 2 hour tour on a double decker open bus would be a great way to see this City which is new to all of us.  Lots of beautiful historic buildings here.


Friday Feb 10th – Day 3

Today’s 5 hour ride was all about the Pacific coast….we had quick peaks of it throughout the day, and could smell it when we couldn’t see it.  The vegetation is lush with lots of palm trees, growing both bananas and coconuts.  Most of the Towns look like farming communities.

We had light rain in the morning but nothing too significant.  Just enough to make the air smell great and us riders use more caution while riding.

The highlight of the day was the drive into Acapulco…it’s the weekend so lots of people heading to the City for fun….the traffic was solid…the heat HOT and the smog thick.  No problem, it just makes you want to swim longer.

And swim we did….until the snakes were spotted IN THE WATER….then we moved pool side…that’s ok I was turning into a giant prune…

Dinner was a short walk down the main drag where we ate then watched Mike’s slide show of pictures and video from the last 2 days on the restaurants big screen TV.

Thursday Feb 9th – Day 2

Yesterday the 9th was a long day…..an amazing day…..but a long day.  Especially when you are up at 6:00.  Surprisingly everyone made it for breakfast…after all of our fun the previous night I’m surprised.  Since the restaurant is an all inclusive, breakfast was a “I just ate way toooo much” buffet.

We were on the road for 9:00 after some of the workers took pictures of us all lined up on the bikes.  We are a bit of a sight…all the shiny new looking bright bikes… We rode from Manzanillo to Ixtapa, that’s 10 hours on the bikes…of course there are stretch stops along the way, and lunch.

Now Lunch is where all our time went today.  We rode down to the ocean for a picture and ended up in the middle of a Hippy Squat…..modern day hippies..all in their 20’s and 30’s….with “No worries man”.  Actual modern day hippies do a lot of surfing and say “DUDE” not “Man”.  Lunch there was great…but really slow!!!!!

Other than that we were through cities, towns, and everything smaller, some construction sites where the road went on a wild lurch away from it’s original path only to join up again.  Very exciting! Traffic, goats, mules, dogs, people and cars all over the place.

Right now (Friday morning) I’m sitting on the balcony, 5 floors up…looking and listening to the ocean.  It just rained here for 5 min pretty hard so now it smells amazing.  We are going to be in Acapulco tonight and the ride won’t be nearly as long so we get to hang out here for a while…


Wednesday Feb 8th – Day 1

It’s 6:00 in the morning on Thursday the 9th….you know that strange feeling you get when you wake up and have to figure out where you really are…well that happened this morning….The air conditioner was on full so I thought we were sleeping in Canada…we are in fact in Manzanillo on the Pacific Ocean!

Yesterday was a great ride of tight twistys, wide open stretches of wide 2 lane roadway and everything in between.  There are 5 bikes total, Ray and Adela are our guides up front, then Cotton, Mike, Aron, Me and Wayne and Cathy as our sweep.  Bike wise it’s a 650, 1200, 650, 800, 650 and a 1200.   And it’s not the size of the bike that counts….Mike and I are both on the 650 and are not being left behind in the dirt.  But of course there are a lot of factor to riding in Mexico….I’m here for a great ride and sight seeing.

As I have mentioned in earlier blogs the riding becomes either a ride to ride….or a ride to sight see.  Doing both is tough….you’ll end up looking to your right at a neat structure only to realize that you have drifted close to the yellow line….Yikes!  So slowing it down a notch helps.  One the tight twisty mountain roads it’s all about the riding.

We are at an all inclusive resort just off the beach, but with the patio doors open we can hear the waves.  It’s warm and full of exotic plants and birds.  After our 5 hour ride….We parked the bikes, found our rooms with our bags already in place (thanks John and Lynn) changed and headed poolside for a few hours of sun, swimming and drinking.

Dinner was a buffet of Mexican food, with some of the freshest salad bar items I have ever tasted.  The Mexican Beef is not up to the Alberta standard we are used to in Canada but it’s cooked into stews and molles that makes it great.  After dinner we stayed to watch a black light dance / magic show that was really unique.

Today we are on the road for 9:00 if we can all stagger out of bed by then.

Starting City: Ajijic

Ending City: Mananillo

Exciting stops today: Carlos Santana’s Home Town

Total KM: 310

Feb 7th – Today is sign in and check out day..

Even witht the late night last night Mike and I were up at 6:00…lot to do today before we can go tomorrow.  The BMW boxes required a bit of work to stop the boxes from popping off the bikes…not fun for the rider who’s top box pops off…and especially not good for the guy behind….I have had the fortune of boing in both positions.  Mike worked his majic and with the help of the other riders the fix was made in no time.

Breakfast in Town… with the gang…Hueros Rancheros for me (that’s 2 sunny side up eggs on a tortillia, all covered with a tomato sauce and served with refried beans), and for Mike, his favorite – pancakes.

Then I took the group on a bit of a tour…mostly in search of a bank…but a bit of a walk down to the water and through Town.  Today being the day after a holiday most stores are closed….they were open for the tourists from Guadalaraja yesterday, but today are tired…so…they are closed…reasonable….

The group is signing up and going on a 45min check out ride today before we head out tomorrow morning, and tonight we enjoy a wonderful home cooked Mexical meal prepared by Lynn…YUM can’t wait!!


Feb 6th – It feels Like Christmas…

Tonight 4 more guests arrive…..and it feels like Christmas!!

Tonight we will meet for drinks and go over the plan for the next day, right now it’s clean up the house, get the bikes ready and pick up any last second items for the trip.

Ok were all here…time for a cocktail…or two..then off to Tango for amazing steaks!!