Going Home Tour – Day 10

Got to test out our rain gear today…..windy and cold leaving Vegas, but still an amusing ride up Las Vegas Boulevard…..then north through the north west corner of Arizona…..getting hit by some heavy rain as we rode through the Zion National Park.

Going Home Tour – Day 8

Today we rode on part of Route 66 where we drove through a classic car rally and had a great lunch watching the cars drive up and down the old strip…..

then on to the New Hoover Dam Bridge and the Dam itself,…..

and then on to Las Vegas and the last AMA Supercross race of the season. The Hotel that we are staying at just happens to be where a lot of the teams are staying  too!!


Going Home Tour – Day 7

We rode from Tucson to Sedona today – deserts to pine trees…..wonderful elevation changes / temperatures / vegetation and geologic diversity! Riding some great roads in Arizona, what a beautiful State!

Tonight in Sedona we feel like we are in Whistler, with all the hikers and the fancy cars…..lots on money in Sedona.

Going Home Tour – Day 6

Taken from Mike’s Facebook Page……

M&M’s “Go’n Home Tour, 2017” – Day 6: Tombstone, AZ. Michele lectures Wyatt Earp on a Canadian’s point of view on Gun Control LOL!!  Doc Holiday does some window shopping while Virgil & Morgan Earp chill. We loved Tombstone!!!
We had a blast in Tombstone & at the O.K. Corral… so we have progressed about… 0km further home!!

Michele gets stopped by the Earp brothers & Doc Holiday in Tombstone! Had to take a selfie of the Harley shop for our buddy Bronte Nowicki back home… – just for fun I took a swing at Wyatt – good thing he didn’t care much – but I knew he was empty after the shootout at the O.K. Corral. Way too much fun!


Going Home Tour – Day 5

Things are looking a lot more familiar today……we are now in Tucson Arizona USA!

We had only one car in line in front of us for our vehicle exit process…

and nobody at immigration where we surrendered our Mexican Tourist Visas…

The American border was just 15 cars deep and that gave us time to get our Motos washed!

The street venders were very friendly and entertaining. A very professional border crossing – we were very impressed, even that was fun!

Michele checks out a huge-ass saguaro cactus on our way to Tucson.

Oh yeah…..only 1 time today did we drive down the wrong side of a Divided Mexican Highway following transport trucks as we all diverted around a huge accident…no police cars, guide trucks or flags….Yikes glad we were behind the trucks!!  Here we are coming back onto the proper side of the road…

Going Home Tour – Day 4

Yesterday we rode through hours and hours of corn fields, today we rode through hours of whet fields which turned into scrub lands with  cattle / chicken feed lots.  Now that is a nice smell, Wow!

Flat boring highway riding made interesting by the construction diversions every half hour where they put opposing traffic on the two lane rebuilt section….. Made even more interesting when we see the cars stopping at an Oxxo Store to pick up another 6 pack….

Now in Hermosillo for the night, we know we are getting closer to the US border due to the popular commercial stores popping up in the larger Towns.  Yes Costco, Walmart, Home Depot, McDonalds, Burger King and Starbucks, all places that we are used to seeing, but now other chains as well, pizza, clothing stores and lots of other eateries.  We are starting to see trucking companies on the roads we recognize and manufacturing plants especially Ford and their suppliers in this area.

Going Home Tour – Day 3

Tonight we are in Los Moches….

460 km on the quota (the toll road) today, flat and boring but it gave us time to stick our feet in the ocean this morning, shake hands and take pictures with our new Mexican friends at the hotel, then take pictures with our other new friends at the gas station….and then we had time to meet new friends at the Plaza Inn our hotel for the night.

I think this new gear is causing quite a stir in Mexico…..we have never been approached as much as we are on this trip.  People are walking up to us in the gas station asking us where we are coming from and where we are going!

Beach shots from this morning in Mazatlan….


Going Home Tour – Day 2

Day 2 of the Going Home Tour and our mileage is 0 (zero)…we had a great breakfast, walked the beach and most of the roads in this small community and met some wonderful hotel owners (Greg and Anna) of the Stone Island Hotel.

During our walk back to the Hotel we watched tractors shuttling passengers off the boats from Mazatlan across the bay to this beautiful beach for a day of sun and sand. The vendors, mariachi bands and Mexican vacationers are now out in full force….it’s time for a beer, sitting back and watching the fun!

Yup did that and then we met some of the family staying at our hotel….they number about 30….at dinner and later at their bonfire.  All friendly, fun people…getting us chairs and beer!

Going Home Tour – Day 1

Day 1 of the “Going Home Tour” is now complete and tonight we are on the beach in Mazatlan….yes that means our 500 km ride today took us further from Toronto not closer but we are now heading north to Toronto via Las Vegas where we are planning on attending the last Supercross race of the season.

We rode to Tequila for brunch and did a few twisties, but with the loaded side bags back on the bikes they feel like completely different animals and it took about an hour or so, for me to get really comfortable.

So now we are on the beach in Mazatlan west of the airport in a quiet mostly deserted hotel….until tomorrow we are told as this is the labour day long weekend….we have just opened a beer, ordered guacamole and are listening to the waves hitting the shore….tonight might be an early night.