Our Favourite Charities


Tepehua Centro Comunitario AC is committed to providing assistance to families in the Tepehua community of Chapala, one of the poorest in all of Jalisco, Mexico.

Offering support through education, counseling, nutrition and health with the hope of bringing back independence and self-respect to the people of the village.


Poco a Poco supports the various initiatives of all groups, to help the people in San Pedro Itzicán and the surrounding villages.

 Poco a Poco does this by facilitating and supporting projects that are lead by the local community. As much as possible we leverage knowledge from available sources in the community, in research, in government and project leaders from around the lake.

Maraposa Project believes partnering with nonprofits, businesses and individuals in a community will provide the most successful outcomes for a program.  We try, whenever possible, to utilize the premise of Washington, D.C. Children’s Trust definition of a System of Care:

“A system of care incorporates a broad array of services and supports that is organized into a coordinated network, integrating care planning and management across multiple levels, is culturally and linguistically competent, and builds meaningful partnerships with families and youth at service delivery, management, and policy levels.”

Operation Amor

Operation Amor: Spay / neuter clinics in Chapala Lakeside area.

This free spay/neuter clinic in Chapala Mexico is helping to reduce the number of street dogs.