What to Take……2 weeks or 2 months

What should I take on my 8-week Patagonia trip?  The same items you would take on your 2 week Peru trip with more  Tide “sink wash packs” thrown in!

Like Horizon’s Unlimited Susan and Grant Johnson say “All the gear all the time” – we couldn’t agree more!

Riding Gear


  • Michele – Alpine Stars street boots
  • Mike – Garne Trials boots


  • Michele – Shoei – fits like a glove – super quiet and light
  • Mike – Arai – just replaced the cheek pads – it’s now a brand new helmet – fits like a glove, – super quiet and light
  • 1 padded helmet bag for each helmet (not the one that comes with the helmet).

Pants and Jackets

Both Mike and I wear Joe Rocket Ballistic gear (got to love the name). Made in Canada the jackets are now over 10 years old and just starting to show their age…well Mike’s is a bit worn out in places…   Oh update…we just bought new Joe Rocket jackets – lots of new improvements!!!


Both Mike and I ride in gauntlet style gloves – this cuts down on the available sunburn area between the glove end and the jacket cuff, the cuffs  eventually ride up exposing about 1 inch of skin that will burn to a crisp….look for lots of riders wearing the 1 inch red band!

We also both carry a short motocross style gloves for a back-up when the rain soaked gloves are still wet the second day and for wandering around Town on cold nights.

Rain Gear

We both put rain gear on over top of our riding gear – bright coloured and large enough to go on over boots, it’s the closest thing to a zen like state being all sealed off from the rain in your own little, cozy, dry, world.

It’s a personal preference as some people like the rain gear built into the riding gear, but we have witnessed too many riders at the side of the road with their coats off desperately trying to zip in a liner in the pouring rain.


  • Ear plugs – I loved my custom ear plugs – but bring numerous pairs of foam ones as back-up as I lost my custom ones on week 3 of a 7 week trip (foam is good for about 1 week and then they start to lose their ability to effectively block sound) – Oh and make sure to take them on the plane cuz you know that screaming 3 year old in the airport is getting on your flight!
  • Helmet radios and chargers – believe it or not you cannot talk all day long, once you get into your grove it’s pretty quiet except for the odd “wow look a that”
  • Rockstraps (1 per bike) so much better than bungie cords
  • Cargo net (1 per bike)
  • Throttle lock if you use one
  • Waterproof stuff sac (1 per bike) holds a warm fleece and rain gear every day


  • Computer backpack – a specialty bag for computer travel
  • Camera backpack – a specialty hold all bag for camera travel
  • A fold away to nothing day pack
  • Computers – we do not share very well so we have 2 devices
  • Card reader and memory stick
  • Cell phone – purchased a sim card for the phone in each country $25.00 American (and added time to the card as required)
  • GPS – routes might be provided by the tour company
  • Portable hard drive – for backing up our numerous pictures and videos
  • Chargers and wires….lots and lots
  • Earbuds – on the plane but cheap ear buds are passed out if needed
  • A power bar to plug in all the chargers
  • Wall plug adaptors for the different plug configuration in each South America country
  • GoPros – More than one of course
  • Point and shoot camera with case
  • SRL camera with case


  • Moisturizer with 15 SPA for daily facial use
  • Sunscreen 30 SPA
  • Cleanser
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Brush and hair ties
  • Daily Vitamins – veggies were really hard to come by in Sought America – it’s a meat and potato paradise
  • Personal medication
  • Razor and foam – Mike used a small amount to trim
  • Misc stuff – tweezers, clippers, band aids, allergy pills, pain medicine, pepto bismol (pills), Imodium pills (all pills in blister packs and were split between the first aid kit on the bike and our toiletries bag
  • Tide sink wash packets – 2 sets or 6 washes – amazing product!!!!
  • Sewing kit travel size
  • Altitude pills – Used is Peru and Bolivia – need to start taking them prior to arriving at elevation
  • Anti bacteria wipes and gel – soap is not available in most washrooms on the road (and toilet paper was hard to come by as well) so this was well worth taking – we found this available for purchase in only 1 drugstore in a major city
  • Cream for cuts and scrapes
  • Pain pills for minor aches and pains
  • Flashlight – tiny enough to fit on a key chain but helped find the bathroom=m a few nights
  • Bug spray- took but did not use
  • Blow-up neck pillows – truly a luxury but worth the sleep on the plane
  • Small first aid kit
  • Took a weekend sized shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, deodorant and hand cream for the first few days and bought full sized ones down there.
  • Yellow stuff bags (4) – works great as clothing stuff bags and doubles as a tail bag on the bike. I split our clothes into 2 and pack half into the now empty gear bag that stays in the support truck each night and half goes with us into the hotel with us – then wash and switch bags at any 2 night stay.
  • 2 Gearbags with wheels -1 stays in the truck with extra items and 1 goes into the hotel each night
  • Money belts – 1 each
  • Pen and notebook – Take lots of pens for border crossing
  • Corkscrew…we never go anywhere without one!


  • 1 sun hat
  • 1 neck sock
  • Underwear – 7 pair
  • Sport Bra – 2 pairs
  • Socks – 7 pair
  • Hi-tech windproof pants
  • Hi-tech T-shirts -5 each
  • Dressy shirt (golf shirt, blouse)
  • Hi-tech shorts
  • Jeans
  • Long sleeve tech shirt
  • Long sleeve button-up shirt
  • Hi-tech Turtleneck
  • Black walking shoes
  • Sandals
  • Down liner jacket
  • Fleece
  • Bathing Suit