Healing at Home…

The Hospital bed has arrived!
The hospital bed has arrived!
The bruising is starting to show up...
The bruising is starting to show up…


Mike and the guard Cat
Someone else missed Mike!

Mike and the cat


Posted on Mike’s Facebook last night:

Yikes – I found my limits yesterday! Pushed too hard because I was feeling good and simply showing off my new hip too much. The recovering muscles shut me down after sunset and put me out of commission – thank goodness we still had a night left on the really good pain killers!
Today (OR+4), much much better. We started off with a consult from pharmacist Sarah, a visit from physiotherapist Vivian … and a sweet setup motorized recovery bed with adjustable tables from Bruno at Vital Mobility.
Kitty Kat (Seth) escorts me on walks now and keeps me in check.
Today’s learning – the best drugs are friends support! (and “take it easy” which I still don’t quite get).

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