The Bionic Man is Doing Great!


Mike enjoying real food now too long after surgery…this is before he received his “Liquid only dinner tray”
The let foot is now lined up with the right…a 23mm change!

The Bionic Man is recovering really quickly and feels like a new man!   He is still waiting to be hit with massive amount of pain and discomfort but so far nothing…yes he is on pain medication but has not hit the pain pump yet.

We are both amazed at how easy the entire process…Mike actually walked into the operating room and laid down on the special operating table and was wheeled out one hour later already starting to wake up!  He does not remember anything after the iv being put in and the Dr asking him to roll on his side and pull up his knees for a spinal injection.  He does not remember the spinal injection….and this is the part I though would be horrible (especially as a person who does not like needles)!!!  Now how amazing is that!

He just woke up and feels like a new car!  haha I hope he has the new car smell too!!

Today is Physio day where he learns to walk with a walker and a cane and go up and down stairs….all a requirement for going home tomorrow.

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