Mexico Foodies


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So I get back home…step on the scale and wonder why I’m 2 pound heavier then when we left..then I look back at the food pictures from this trip…and it’s all clear!

Oh Yeah…that IS Chateau Briand, those are oysters…and that’s a lot of beer!!


Monday, February 11, 2013

Wow it’s hard to believe it was only a week ago we were flying home to Canada.  The riding gear is still in the front room in the gear bag…most of our clothes are in the laundry, the fridge and cupboards are still bare, I’m off sick on day number 5…but things are getting bak to normal.

Mike and I keep having flashbacks to a specific scene on our vacation or a speed flashback of us on the bikes….it’s like a movie.  The guy is at his desk working away, the camera zooms on on his face and then you see the bike / car shot flashes on the screen.



Day 9 – Wednesday January 30, 2013

In the colonial town of Taxco….all white buildings, rod iron and dark wood.  Very beautiful and very hilly!!

This is our mid morning break stop….it’s a teen club in a pretty large town…then on for a few hours to a roadside lunch stop, before reaching our destination for the night in Taxco.  White VW taxi’s everywhere and tons of people!

IMGP8362 IMGP8364



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Day 8 – Tuesday January 29, 2013

Sorry no pictures today…the internet no workie so good!!  I’ll try to post them tomorrow as they are all ready to go!!

Were back in Puebla, right in the centre of a very large urban centre, and Mike lead us in to the hotel…  Crazy busy traffic….signs we cannot way streets and 8 little ducks following along behind..a few horns, a few wrong turns…but we are here!

A few cervasis, Chicken Mole (that’s chicken in a chocolate spice sauce), a walk about the square and historic “Centro” and now its back to our rooms to rest before our 8:00 rendezvous prior to dinner.

Mike has not been feeling well since we got here…sore joints, headache, upset stomach….so he skipped the beer and lunch and rested up in our room.  He also did some research on altitude sickness…which mentions all of these symptoms…..AND we did start at 4000 ft this morning and are now at 7500 ft!!  So the great news is that he is getting better with each passing hour…and that we are probably as high as we are going to get on this trip….The bad news is that we are thinking of going to Peru next year and that’s about 20,000 feet!

Ok time for a nap before dinner!

Oh and thanks Laurie…I’ll make sure the pictures are a bigger size from now on!!

IMGP8316 IMGP8317 IMGP8320 IMGP8322 IMGP8323 IMGP8329 IMGP8333 IMGP8336 IMGP8341 IMGP8342 IMGP8353


Day 7 – Monday January 28, 2013

Wow what a day today…got to slept in, had a great breakfast, went for one of the best rides ever…..Wayne, Cathy and Cotton, it’s the Banana Road!!

Golf after the ride….golf that included beer and broken windshields…and no it’s not Mike breaking the window…but he was involved.