Pictures from This Year’s OAR Event

So we just finished another great Overland Adventure Rally put on by Lawrence Hacking…2 days of riding, meeting new and old friends, seeing demonstrations and speakers from all over the world, trying out new gear and new bikes and just having an excellent time!

The following pictures are from a good friend of ours and a great photographer Jeff Gast…Thanks for the pics Jeff!

Another Excellent OAR Weekend!

Another world class event at the Lawrence Hacking’s Overland Adventure Rally where we had great riding and amazing speakers. Races to Places Lyndon Poskitt announced that he will be entering the 2017 Dakar race – and will be riding to the start from Canada! There are 3 Dakar veterans in this pic! Thank you Llewelyn Pavey, Lyndon Poskitt and Lawrence Hacking!

Back Row: Bridget and Sean Saulnier, Manu – Around Gaia, Llewelyn Pavey, Lyndon Poskitt, Ivana – Around Gaia, Eric (The Route Master), Mike

Front Row: Lawrence, Hacking, Michele, Catharine St. Denis, Jeff Gast, Doug, Mia Hacking

the gang

And Just so you know what this event is all about….here is our trailer from last year!