February 23rd – our last day in Ajijic

Today we washed the last of the bikes, enjoyed the sunshine and packed our bags….tomorrow morning we fly out.

Tonight we went to a local resturant for dinner and entertainment…”The Tall Boys” played a variety of Rock and Roll…great music, food and friends.

Fat Tuesday – February 21

Sooooo we went to a pancake day parade….not like anything we have ever seen in Canada….costumes, floats, clowns….and pancake / confetti mix…

  • stuffed into bags for throwing
  • packed into egg shells for throwng
  • flying from roof tops
  • flying from the parade watchers
  • and being thrown at parade watchers by “runners” in monster costumes

check out the pictures……

Monday February 20th – Saying So Long…..

So It’s So Long to Wayne, Cathy and Aron…well at least until our next trip…wherever that may be.

Today we had our breakfast together, rode in the back of a pick up truck and saw Ray and Adella’s new house being constructed.

Sunday February 19th – Day 12….waaaa last day of riding

Ok today is kind of like the last hour of skiing….you don’t want it to end…you want the last run to be memorable…..but you want to get back safe….and unfortunatly the last run has bitten a lot of skiers…..

So that is what I was thinking of as we set out today….last day of riding…booooo, but I want us all to get back safe as we have had such a great adventure together.


Saturday February 18th – Day 11

Today we split into 2 groups…Mike and Ray went to get a new rear tire for the 1200 (2 hours ot of the way) and the rest of us continued on with our trip…stopping at a park of strange concrete structures and waterfalls.

The riding was amazing, the roads were tight and twisty, the vistas were stunning and I was riding the best I have ever ridden….and kind of weird but you do have great riding days and average riding days…I was confident and agressive…riding hard for most of the day..WOW too much fun!!!

Mike and Ray made it to the next hotel just as the sun was setting, new tire on the bike…so dinner was a celebration for all of us!!


Friday February 17th – Day 10

Twisty windy roads with banked corners, small towns full of colourful people, markets, and buildings and 6 mountain passes…..today was a riding day….and though the mileage did not pile up (we only covered 250km) we did ride hard most of the day.

Wayne and Cathy were pulled over by the police because “ they were strangers” thank goodness Cathy speaks Spanish.  The police were friendly….and no they did not come up with any phony tickets or want money, they just checked the bike documents and let them go….the rest of us saw this from a lookout a few corners ahead…..and as Cotton suggested…hid..haha

Tonight we stayed in a great hotel….our room is up 3 stories and overlooks most of the Town and I sit here in bed typing this listening to the millions of birds outside the 2 story gothic windows….It’s just another magical memory of this trip.



Thursday February 16th – Day 9

Lots of traffic during our ride today as we are only 100km from Mexico City at one point. Passing traffic is easy on a bike and at times we will pass 10 cars and trucks at once.

Today was a light riding day which left us lots of time to check out our beautiful destination City.  We will be sleeping at 10,000 feet tonight so we did notice a huge change in temp. we started out hot and himid this morning and freezing at night.  We really otice the air here too….very thin.  One flight of steps will have you panting at the top…and we do go the the gym every day back home!!!

Wednesday Feb 15th – Day 8

We rode out of Vera Cruise a bit later then our normal time, after a great breakfast including coffee in water glasses – half coffee (grown here of course) and half hot milk – both poured from kettles held high over the glass.

Once out of the City the roads were mostly straight…but busy and sections are loaded with huge truck eating potholes.  A lot of the roadway is along the coast so we ride with the smell of the ocean and catch glimpses of the water every now and then.  It’s been a rain forest for the last few days so everything is wet, including the riders…we sweat and never seem to dry off.

Our lunch stop included, good food on the beach, swimming, entertainment in; Mike filming the waves and locals with families enjoying the day.  A few of us got in for a swim….large waves….so a play in the ocean….and of course we took the prescribed group photo of the 10 of us on the Atlantic side.

A short ride later we pulled into a well restored ruins for a quick run through before they shut the place down…stunning