Patagonia Memories……

We have arrived…. in Peru – December 16, 2014

Trip swag

First border crossing Peru to Chile – December 17, 2014

More border pictures
More border pictures

Second border crossing Chile to Bolivia – December 18, 2014

Excellent photo ops on the way to the border

Death Road – December 21, 2014 (it’s our anniversary…..hmmmm)

Just finished death road!!!!  check out the view behind the structure, yup nothing..just fog and rain!
Just finished death road!!!! check out the view behind the structure, yup nothing..just fog and rain!

Christmas in Bolivia (Potosi) – December 25, 2014


A very unique Christmas Tree - plastic bags filled with water and lit from inside
A very unique Christmas Tree – plastic bags filled with water and lit from inside

Mike gets altitude sickness (for a few days) and bronchitis (for a week)…but keeps on riding…

Mike seeing how close he can get to the drop off before I freak out!
Mike seeing how close he can get to the drop off before I freak out!.

Third border crossing Bolivia to Argentina – December 29, 2014 (delayed one day due to lack of proper paperwork for the bikes)


Bolivia / Argentinia
Bolivia / Argentinia

Mike dropped the bike hitting a patch of sand (but keeps on riding) – January 2, 2015


Michele’s gravel crash – January 7, 2015

crash road….about 20 min before it happened


Michele back on the bike – January 11, 2015

Jan-11 (5)

Michel off the bike due to an allergic reaction to the pain medication, and not back on the Beemer cuz it decided to jump off the trailer!



Fourth border crossing Argentina to Chile – January 13, 2015 (This picture is not of the border crossing but we did do a lot of this at the crossings)


Slept in a tree house – January 15 and 16, 2015

Our tree house!


Michele in the Hospital for surgery for a punctured lung (from the January 7th crash) – January 20, 2015


Michele out of the Hospital (but no fly restraint in effect for 7 days) –  in the hospital for 2 nights, 4 x-rays, with the Dr visiting twice each day total cost $750 US dollars – January 22, 2015  (The gang went on to complete their trip on the original time line – we followed a week later).

Walked on a Glacier….and no we do not have any breathing problems or bad ankles (from motorcycle crashes (just in case the guides ask)- January 27, 2015

Glacier (12)

Continued south in a rental car – January 29, 2015


Fifth border crossing Chile to Argentina (and a ferry crossing on the same day) – January 30, 2015


We made it! To the bottom of the earth – Ushuia (1 week after we were supposed to arrive with the tour) – Feb 1, 2015

Made it!
Made it!

Fly to Buenos Aries – February 3, 2015

Buenos-Aires 066

Fly home – February 6, 2015…..oh no there is still snow here!!!!!!


Friday, February 20, 2015

One month ago tonight….right about this time… I was just coming out of surgery with a newly inflated left lung ……in Argentina!!

Wow I thought that was a dream…but the incision is just about completely healed over and the broken rib is well on its way to being mended.

Our thoughts now turn to our next adventure….and with the bike show in Town this weekend – we have some investigating to do!  I’m more excited than a kid on Christmas Eve!

Some people has asked both Mike and I if we will give up the bikes / travel….yup I know what a crazy question….and of course we say no way, the surgery just made the trip all that more of an adventure!!

bike show logo bike show

Sunday, February 8, 2015

We arrived in Toronto yesterday morning and made it through customs, immigration and baggage pick-up..and then we made it to the Airport Limo and home in a snowstorm!

The rest of the day yesterday and all of today were spent picking up the cats, buying groceries, shovelling snow and sleeping!

Its great to be home!


Friday February 6, 2015

Today is going to be one of those “lost” travel days.

We will be in Toronto tomorrow morning but between now and then we have 2 flights and a total of 14 hours of flying time….not to bad but when you consider getting to and from the airport, the security process and retrieving luggage most of today and tonight will be lost to travel.

This is the day when you your mind really starts to get back to thinking about home!  Now where do we live again?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Today was a lazy hazy do nothing day in Buenos Aries…..its hot, humid and bustling outside the hotel so besides lunch and a short walk around the neighbourhood we had a chance to catch up on e-mails, Facebook and blogging!

The hotel literature, including the hotel history, maps and City information
The hotel literature, including the hotel history, maps and City information
Buenos-Aires 110
Not much of a view from the roof
Buenos-Aires 107
But a great spot for coffee
Buenos-Aires 061
Stairs to the roof
Buenos-Aires 085
A personalized welcome letter!
Buenos-Aires 101
Some of the interesting bridge work – looking back to our room

Buenos-Aires 096

A Mexican lunch…one of the best lunches of the trip!

Oh and almost forgot…we went for Tango lessons, dinner and a show tonight….haha we suck!

Buenos-Aires 043 Buenos-Aires 034 Buenos-Aires 016

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Yikes 6:30 came early this morning as the alarm screamed for us to get up and get moving! We fly to Buenos Aries today as part of our return home. Mike and I have both been sleeping in until 8:30 the last few days…I think all the excitement on this trip is catching up with us.

The taxi ride to the airport was a break neck speed from one red light to the next, but no worries we are used to this by now…Mike has driven the rental car for 4 days! Both the airport and the flight were a dream…easy check-in, security and lineups not too long.

A taxi driver in Buenos Aries was waiting for us holding a “Mike Bell” sign and after a quick drive though the City we arrived at our hotel, a beautifully restored set of old buildings located in a trendy graffiti covered neighbourhood.

Today we will take a walk around the neighbourhood for lunch, then its siesta time for the weary travellers.

Buenos-Aires 155
wow finishing the trip off with one beautiful hotel! This is floor 2!
Buenos-Aires 149
How true is this?
Buenos-Aires 042
The lounge our in our room – floor 1
Buenos-1- 007
A view from the roof…its a warm 18 degree night!



Monday, February 2, 2015

We have a lot planned for our last day in Fin del Mondo – the end of the earth Ushuaia.

First we have a bit of a drive north of Ushuaia to catch a zodiac which will take us out to an island inhabited by penguins….2 types of penguins have a colony on the island but we are going to see a very small family group of visiting King penguins as well.

Then back to Ushuaia where we will drive south to a National Park where we can take the famous “end of the world” picture.

Then finally, another drive back to Ushuaia where we meet someone from the rental company to return the car…woo hoo the driving has been fun but there is lots to worry about including; having car problems, getting lost, being hit by one of the reckless drivers down here or missing our drop off time and having to pay another small fortune…fortunately none of that happened and the car was returned full of gas but covered in dirt from all the terrible gravel roads in Chile.

Tonight we will say our final adios to Peru Motors and the new group of guys heading north for 3 weeks, pack our luggage, and order a taxi to pick us up at 7:30…we start our trip North tomorrow morning.


The first thing we see leaving the boat!
The first thing we see leaving the boat!
A nice close-up
A nice close-up
King Penguins
King Penguins
I did not know they dug burrows to lay eggs in
I did not know they dug burrows to lay eggs in
Yup were looking at you!
Yup were looking at you!
Pictest (6)
They have a great view of the surrounding mountains
Pictest (7)
Jr is moulting
Pictest (8)
Hey cool, check this out a Gopro 4
Pictest (9)
The nesting site is further back from the beach
Pictest (10)
The shorelines are full of live mussels
Pictest (11)
I wonder if this guy has any broken ribs?
Pictest (12)
The head of a killer whale!
Pictest (13)
The bone house where dead washed to shore sea animals are studied and the bones cleaned…great smell in this place!!
Pictest (14)
This is the shot that all the bikers want….the furtherst south you can drive..only 17,800 km from Alaska!
Pictest (15)
A view of the bay just south of the sign
Pictest (16)
What no bikes?
Pictest (17)
A fox!
Pictest (18)
This cool cat want to ride!
Pictest (19)
This cool dog is riding!
Pictest 1
With super clear water sea creatures are easy to spot
Pictest 2
wow excellent picture mike!
wow our boat…nope we are the zodiac behind this boat….


Sunday, February 1, 2015

So we are a week behind the rest of the bike group but today we drove our rental can into Ushuaia!

Made it!
  • over 12,000 km;
  • 55 days;
  • travelled by bike, car, truck, bus and boat
  • 8 new Facebook friends;
  • thousands and thousands of pictures; and an
  • endless amount of excellent memories
Our hotel in Ushuaia – the Albatros – probably the last room in Town!
Our next sport! - we found these guys when we went up to see the glacier above Town
Our next sport! – we found these guys when we went up to see the glacier above Town
This is the only guy standing up...the rest laid down
This is the only guy standing up…the rest laid down
The top of the ski hill above Town
The top of the ski hill above Town
Many many cruise boats...therefore many many people
Many many cruise boats…therefore many many people
The drive is starting to get more interesting....mountains are starting agin
The drive is starting to get more interesting….mountains are starting agin
Still freshwater
Still freshwater
Patagonia trees, moss covered and very small
Patagonia trees, moss covered and very small
Now we couldn't pass this shot up....strange to leave it standing
Now we couldn’t pass this shot up….strange to leave it standing
Hmmmm something is missing....
Hmmmm something is missing….
Into the final region...
Into the final region…
Dinner with the next group of us they leave on Tuesday
Dinner with the next group of bikers…like us they leave on Tuesday
The land of crab!
The land of crab!
Our new Dude friends!
Our new Dude friends!



Saturday, January 31, 2015

Today we said Adios to our new hotel friends, walked one more time across the bridge leading to the hotel and piled into our rental for one last drive through the park and onward towards Ushuaia.

This is our favourite type of travel….we do not have a hotel booked and have now idea where we will end up tonight!

Pictures from our day:

  • 700km
  • 1 ferry crossing
  • 1 border crossing
Looking back at our island hotel!
Adios Amigos! 3 very amazing people

P1100083 P1100061 P1100052 P1100048 P1100047 P1100045 P1100029 P1100004 P1090847 P1090819 P1090817 P1090814 P1090808 P1090803 P1090798 P1090795 P1090792 P1090791 P1090788 P1090769 P1090764 P1090757 P1090756 P1090752 P1090744 P1090734 P1090730 P1090724 P1090718 P1090705 P1090698 P1090696 P1090692 P1090658 P1090643

Friday, January 30, 2015

Since we are in one of the most beautiful places on earth we decided to stay anther night…well we were convinced to stay another night by the wonderful staff here at our hotel!

It was an amazing day for a park drive as it started out a bit cloud covered and rainy.  The following pictures are from our drive to all corners of the park and our Glacier tour at the end of the day.

P1090631 P1090613 P1090558 P1090523 P1090499 P1090490 P1090444 P1090415 P1090379 P1090371 P1090364 P1090360 P1090360 (1) P1090334 P1090328 P1090316 P1090308 P1090305 P1090282 P1090247 P1090225 P1090214 P1090210 P1090188 P1090177 P1090150 P1090112 P1090066