Going Home Tour – Day 13

Another wet, and windy day so we only did about 300km….riding through the Eisenhower  tunnel took us from 8C and spotty sunshine to a full out snow shower and 3C.  Not fun riding, but we are easy to spot in our bright gear, and actually warm and dry for a while!!


Visiting a water / sewage project lakeside

Today Mike and I toured a water bottling facility, 2 town wells and a sewage treatment lagoon system.  The town is east of Ajijic and home to a few hundred people (if that).  They have an existing well that provides a few hours of water a day for the residents…the people living closest to the wellhead receive the most water over the longest time.  The new well is a bit of a distance  away from Town and currently full of sand and not hooked up to a pipe network…..  it’s a work in progress

.To our Canadian standards there are a lot of problems, but as this is Mexico, the local mayor is optimistic that this project will make his Town a better place in the near future. Until then the people work with what little they have.  They manage to wash clothes, clean themselves, and raise families with limited resources.

Like the rest of Mexico there are children laughing, teens riding bicycles, and men and women gathering to socialize.  Manyana…tomorrow will be better.


Filming Art

Today we did a photo shoot for a friend in the glass art business…check her out on facebook (or see a few pictures right here!




A Day in Downtown Guad-a-la-jara!

Mike and I spent a wonderful day with Karen and Harvey in Guadalajara.

First we were off to see the murals and paintings of Jose Clemente Orozco in the Instituto Cultural Cabanas, an 1810 cathedral like building converted into a museum.  Then we moved on to the Mercado Libertad San Juan de Dios, a huge covered multi block shopping district selling everything you could ever want…. or NOT want….the bull balls, sheep heads, and cow feet come under the NOT category.  Finally we moved out into the fresh air for some street music, played on plastic water bottles and pails, did some people watching in the square and drank a great Micheladas!


With only 2 weeks left until we go north…..we have been busy!

Learning Spanish…..

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Saying Adios to the Heart of Mexico 10 day tour……

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Watching the birds practice flying prior to a long flight north…..

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And….Having dinner with friends…….

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A Rotary visit to Tepehua

Today we filmed a group of local Rotarians touring the Tepehua Centre in Chapala, many of them for the first time.  It was fun to watch their reactions as they toured the facility.  There has been a lot of wonderful work done here!  I’m sure my mouth was hung open too on my first tour!

A few of the local ladies had a display of the items their sewing classes produced, and with Moony and Gin leading the group we toured the sewing room, the computer rom, classrooms, lunch room and the store as well as the existing and under construction dental and medical clinics.