Hip Replacement 101 – 3 week update: He’s taller!

Reprinted off of Mike’s Facebook Post of August 15th

Hip Replacement 101 – 3 week update: I’m taller!
Warning! These pics are Super Freak’n Cool – please use discretion when viewing:

Pic1: This is just the coolest X-Ray ever! After being a Ginny-Pig for a pelvis reconstruction technique in the early 70’s, and after countless ugly x-rays, this ‘final’ fix is an awesome sight! P1-Mike-Hip-New-p1

Pic2: The before pic say’s it all… that is pretty much a totally destroyed hip! Nicely done!


Pic3: The after pic is like a photo-shopped image – hard to believe that’s for real. But the joint freedom and leg length is feeling pretty awesome…


Pic4: Who wouldn’t want a Stryker Trident Acetabular Cup system c/w an X3 Bearing system made of Titanium, cross-fired (highly cross-linked) polyethylene and irradiated / annealed ceramics?



Pic5: This is the Stryker Secur-Fit Max titanium stem. Just plain super cool stuff!


Two Weeks Ago Today….

With beautiful hot Ontario summers days and nice cool nights, Mike is recovering extremely well from his hip replacement…It’s hard to believe it was 2 weeks ago today as he is now walking with only a cane (on longer outings – nothing needed on shorter walks) and the swelling and bruising are almost gone!

We are enjoying our property and eating well with vegetables provided to us off our own land…oh and of course Seth the cat is taking good care of Mike.

Progression After Surgery

Slow and steady they say…and as a lot of you know, one of the hardest things for Mike to do!

Mike is progressing really well considering the surgery was only last Thursday….the bruising and swelling have really subsided and his mobility is greatly improved.

He still has a ways to go and he is having a bit of trouble sleeping at night, but we figure that is from the cat bringing in “presents” all night long as much as anything.

We figure our great diets are helping in his recovery…

Another successful day in our garden!
Another successful day in our garden!


Healing at Home…

The Hospital bed has arrived!
The hospital bed has arrived!
The bruising is starting to show up...
The bruising is starting to show up…


Mike and the guard Cat
Someone else missed Mike!

Mike and the cat


Posted on Mike’s Facebook last night:

Yikes – I found my limits yesterday! Pushed too hard because I was feeling good and simply showing off my new hip too much. The recovering muscles shut me down after sunset and put me out of commission – thank goodness we still had a night left on the really good pain killers!
Today (OR+4), much much better. We started off with a consult from pharmacist Sarah, a visit from physiotherapist Vivian … and a sweet setup motorized recovery bed with adjustable tables from Bruno at Vital Mobility.
Kitty Kat (Seth) escorts me on walks now and keeps me in check.
Today’s learning – the best drugs are friends support! (and “take it easy” which I still don’t quite get).

We Are Home!

dischargedStair climbing lesson , breakfast, and Mike is  discharged!!

mike meds

Back home I try to make Mikes meds more palatable!!

Now we just need lots of rest for recovery…and somehow I need to keep this guy off the bikes for a while!!

One Step closer to Home!

Check out this action shot!


Walking the halls with the Physio Doc


Getting that perfect posture!

He had to stand before he could walk…..and tomorrow he needs to walk up stairs before he comes home!!

hospital food
Wow this is hospital food?

The Bionic Man is Doing Great!


Mike enjoying real food now too long after surgery…this is before he received his “Liquid only dinner tray”
The let foot is now lined up with the right…a 23mm change!

The Bionic Man is recovering really quickly and feels like a new man!   He is still waiting to be hit with massive amount of pain and discomfort but so far nothing…yes he is on pain medication but has not hit the pain pump yet.

We are both amazed at how easy the entire process…Mike actually walked into the operating room and laid down on the special operating table and was wheeled out one hour later already starting to wake up!  He does not remember anything after the iv being put in and the Dr asking him to roll on his side and pull up his knees for a spinal injection.  He does not remember the spinal injection….and this is the part I though would be horrible (especially as a person who does not like needles)!!!  Now how amazing is that!

He just woke up and feels like a new car!  haha I hope he has the new car smell too!!

Today is Physio day where he learns to walk with a walker and a cane and go up and down stairs….all a requirement for going home tomorrow.

A New Bionic Mike

  1. having artificial body parts, especially electromechanical ones.
    • having ordinary human powers increased by the aid of bionic devices (real or fictional).
      “working out in gymnasiums to become bionic men”
    • of or relating to bionics.

    hip replacement

    Hip parts
    The parts!

    So tomorrow Mike becomes part bionic….having ordinary human powers increased by the aid of bionic devices….by having his left hip replaced.

    But today it’s all about doing a few last minute chores around the house, visiting the gym for Mike’s last workout in a few months  and chilling out…the last one is going to be harder for me than for Mike I think.

    Mike's new toys!

    We have been preparing for this day for a while, going to the gym 3 times a week to work on flexibility and strength especially in the hip area, leaning out our food and going through a remarkable program at the hospital where we met the surgical team, physio staff and took classes on how to prepare our house for Mikes return home in 3 days.  Oh and purchasing and borrowing al the gear we need….


    The night before surgerytA few final laps around the track….Now we are ready!