Grand Prix de Mud – Saturday, June 27, 2015



Living up to its name, this past weekends Grand Prix de Mud had…..MUD!!! Lots and lots of slippery, slimy, hilarious mud…..

Along with the mud there were numerous of people to chat with including a few motorcycle celebrities, a few motorcycle slideshow / video presentations after the trophy presentation Saturday night, and of course numerous vintage motorcycles to see and hear and even purchase.

Not being much of a motorcycle history buff prior to this event I was amazed at the number of bike manufactures and the simple elegance of the bikes themselves. I was further amazed and impressed at the stories told to me by bike owners of how they found “their” bike and why it was special to them.

Not just beautiful to look at, a lot of these bikes were raced on the grass motocross track, the woods endure loop or put through some trials tests. Mother nature provided her own test in the afternoon as the skies opened up and rain turned the event into a slick “just try to finish the race” type event. But the huge grins on lots of faces told the story of just how much fun these guys were having.

In the late afternoon with the rain still teaming down, and the final moto finished, a few die-hards went back out for a few more fun laps on the track. Racing and roosting each other the riding eventually turned into a full out mud wrestling event….water, steam, bodies and bikes all in a pile of mud!

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