Another Proud Owner of a Vintage Bike

The Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame held another silent auction during this past weekends Motorcycle Show, for this donated 1966 Jawa CZ 175cc motorcycle.

This little beauty caused quite a stir with the numerous Europeans who grew up riding Jawas and other people who wanted to know “what is that thing?”  Our favourite item to show off was the shifter that doubles as a kick-starter.

The countdown to 4:00

Click here for more Jawa Motorcycle info.

Working the Toronto Motorcycle Show

Almost 50 hours over 4 days…set up early Thursday and takedown late Sunday.

Toni, and Brenda getting out the dummies….
Olympia gear ready and waiting to be organized at the GP Bikes booth.
The bike show on Thursday morning…show opens in 30 hours.
Yikes don’t look now….he was right over my head as I was loading the racks….yes I moved.
Its Mike and Michele!
The Olympia wall is done!
Motovan is all packed up and ready for the Montreal Show

Motorcycle Hall of Fame 2017 Inductees

Every year the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame committee inducts motorcycle riders from all disciplines of motorcycle events into the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

Every fall, an induction banquet and dinner is held to honour the inductees, rotating  between Ontario, Quebec and the West Coast.  2017 was Ontario’s turn to host the banquet and Mike and I were there to help tell each person’s story  with these videos:

The Bar and Hedy Hodgson Award:

Historical Awards:

2017 Awards:


Working the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Booth at the 2018 Motorcycle Supershow

Hillclimber John Williams visits the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Booth on Saturday.

Our happy new bike owner.  His highest bid bought him this bike which once belonged to…..of all people….his Grandfather.  A big thank-you to the people who donated the bike to the Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

Happy Trails…..

Helping GP Bikes take apart the mannequins after the show…..haha how fun!