Custom Hub and Spoke Tour – Day 4

Motorcycle Riding in Mexico – Canucks hit the alpine “pine” of Tapalpa. Making new friends from around the world because of our Canadian flags and hoser language skills eh! Colima volcano puts on a show!

Mike’s new best friend in Mexico! A Dark Side of the Moon VW Beetle (2001) and George’s shirt!

Custom Hub and Spoke Tour- Day 2

Mazamitla, farm roads, big sky country in rural mountainous Mexico. Elevation climb from 5,000ft to 7,300ft into cooler climates and pine tress – oh the smells!

Then I try to inspire the local girls to be and do what they dream of….riding a motorcycle and travelling…they were quite impressed that we were riding to the other side of the lake….Oh if they only knew how far we have come!

Great get Together!

Crazy good time tonight with Facebook riding friends coming to life here in Mexico – so amazing! Love how we can connect with people around the world and ride motorcycles 5,000km to party at their house!!!