Spent the Morning in Chapala

It is finally getting hot here so we are taking Lucy dog for morning walks…today we drove to Chapala and walked the malacon.

The Chapala Malecon
Here is a statue of Jesus blessing the fishermen
A closer look
Here is one of 6 new bridges that takes you out to the island and the statue.

And just had to throw this in….here is the electrical wiring laying on the ground beside a children’s play area…..yes the wires are live!


Oh and as I am typing this it is raining really hard here…something we have rarely seen in the 7 years we have been coming here!

Lunch at a Rotary Meeting

Today we were invited back to Rotary Ajijic for lunch and to give a short update on “What Mike and Michele are doing now”….haha wow I didt think anyone really cared what we were doing but it is a great group of people, an interesting place for discussions on politics affecting Mexico, good food and it’s actually fun to get up and give an update!

Its kind of funny that the Shriners from yesterday at Tepehua were also having a meeting in the next room.

Bomberos Fundraiser

The Bomberos (fire fighters) were out in full force at the Rib fest the other day so we were invited to attend their fundraiser at a friends house today.  Interesting to note that a lot of the equipment down here has been donated by Canadian Cities.  We see Mexican and Canadian flags on vehicles all the time!

Visiting Tepehua’s New Womens Health Centre

We finally had some spare time to visit Tepehua’s new women’s center. Located just outside of Chapala (east of Ajiic) this women’s center is the latest building in the Tepehua community, constructed and furnished with monies coming from the Ajijic and Chapala communities as well as donations arriving from Rotary and Shriners clubs across the US and Canada.

“Helping a Village Help itself”, the moto of Tepehua, is evident on Fridays when neighborhood women and children arrive for the weekly comeda or free lunch provided at the center. Local women plan, cook and clean the lunch providing a nutritious hot meal for those in need. The rest of the week the center is open for Dr and Dentist visits, staffed by volunteer Dr’s and Dentists from Mexico, Canada and the US.

The New Women’s Center provides education for women on women’s issues and childcare, including prenatal care and acts as an emergency birthing center until it is up and running at capacity.

It’s Spring in Ajijic

So Lakeside is currently brilliant with the primavera and jacaranda trees in full bloom….sitting on our roof top patio I can see 8 Jacaranda trees (the purple ones) and 2 of the Primavera trees (the yellow ones).  It is quite a sight as these trees drop all of their leaves at this time of the year and are 100% covered in blooms!

oh and yes allergies are in full swing for most people too!

Everyone Loves Bikers

This afternoon we attended the Shriners Rib Fest…timing was perfect…arrived just as the speech were finishing up, helped out with the bar (as the Shriners behind the bar could not find / open the wine) grabbed a seat, ordered our plate of ribs and spoke to people we knew as they were leaving!

A few Harley riders came out to show support and the bikes were a hit!

Physio in Ajijic

So the other day we went to see a local Physiotherapist as Mike is having a bit of pain in his knee and we want to treat any issues before they become big issues.  So we walked to the local clinic, which was technically closed at 3:00 but a Dr was still working on paperwork, so we made an appointment for the next day….

Next day we see Jonathan, a young friendly Dr with tons of experience, great english and a page long list of education.  He speaks with Mike for a bit getting medical history, then works with Mike for almost 2 hours, massaging and working the muscles and joints.  Once finished Mike feels a lot better and the cost to us is 500 pesos or…ready THIRTY SIX DOLLARS!!!

Riding back to Ajijic

Today’s ride – the end of a 7 day wonderful Moto-Mexico tour! This is real Mexico and real travel where ya meet really cool people from not just Mexico but from around the world! Our Ontario license plates and Canadian stickers attract attention just about everywhere – a great way to strike up conversations – while you’re in Carlos Santana’s home town – and museum! What a cool stop!

Woke up in Mazanillo; breakfast in Barra de Navidad; rode 357km of awesome twisties – thankfully the sun stayed behind the clouds today! It was still hot! That’s Aron / Laurie two up crank’n through the twisties with Michele Bell brining up the sweep position! Nice! Aron gets a little Pacific salt water on his boots for posterity.