“Play Day” is Here

No more dress rehearsals….today we filmed the real thing……the children’s puppet show “Ehecatal” at the Mariposa Fundraiser….and got some great sound bites of the audience as well as some photo’s of the event itself.

It’s another confirmation of the wonderful people living Lakeside and their generous attitudes toward helping those in need.



A Day of Giving

Like the title says, today was a day of giving….we started off in Tepehua (see previous post) where we made a donation of food from our cupboards (that we will not finish before we head north) and money to be used for roofing prior to the rainy season, education, the weekly lunch on friday or for restocking the pharmacy.


Then on to lunch where we made a donation of garbage bags, water, gloves etc to “POCO a POCO” an organization of young people who tomorrow will be supporting the “State Brigade of Fire and Civil Protection” in a massive cleanup of  Mezcala our motorcycle checkout ride Town.

And finally on to a beautiful chapel in upper Ajijic where we filmed the dress rehearsal of a puppet play for the children of the lake.  Tomorrow is the fundraiser event for Butterflies en Mexico “empowering youth”.

Tepehua – Friday morning

Today we dropped off some goodies for the ladies & the kids of Tepehua Comunitario Centro in the Chapala area.

Not sure our bikes would be left untouched if we parked them in a school ground in Ontario, but here the kids did not touch until they had permission to touch…wow!

So near and dear to our hearts… we are going to miss this place, these people are the “salt of the earth” and so hard for us to leave as we turn another chapter of our journey…

The lunch ladies of Tepehua
Since this guy had a bicycle we thought he would like to sit on the big bike!
So many wonderful children!
Moonie and Gin…two of the most caring, giving, wonderful ladies I know.

Hub and Spoke – Day 5

Today was our final trip out the garage door with customers this season – Mike and I have guided 42 customer touring days this season with some incredible people from around the world and that definitely includes Mexico. I

t has been an incredible experience hanging out at Casa Sierra with Riders of the Sierra Madre. Heading home next week – which is technically a couple more weeks of moto-touring 

Hub and Spoke – Day 4

Helmet-Cam: Day 4 of our Tour took us for an early morning ride through the Guadalajara Centro and then onto the Barranca canyon ride – enough said! Check out the clips from Mike’s helmet…

Hub and Spoke – Day 1

Today we said Adios to Doug Bell’s ride and Hello to the next Hub and Spoke Ride.  Today was the check-out ride to Mescala Island and an introduction to the various road surfaces in Mexico….cobblestones, potholes, surface treatment, etc.  How fun!